Burrell Staff Spotlight: Meet Diego – Our Newest Surveyor

Burrell Staff Spotlight: Burrell is excited to welcome Diego to our team!

In this Burrell Staff Spotlight, we’re thrilled to introduce Diego! Diego brings 8 years of office and field survey experience in commercial, residential, and municipal projects. He is a great fit for our team as he enjoys working on all types of projects and providing FEMA Elevation Certificates to topographic surveys. Diego’s passion for surveying began in high school when he started as an intern. He found the industry to be extremely diverse and one that allows a lot of freedom for flexibility in what kind of projects you focus on. When his internship ended, the company offered him an official position where he worked until he moved to Sacramento. His 2024 goal is to study for and then pass the Land Surveyor in Training exam (LSIT). 

Life Beyond Burrell:

Diego and his wife enjoy going on hikes and taking on new trails that they’ve never tackled before. They also enjoy going to new restaurants and breweries. Life has looked a little differently for them in the past few months, as they welcomed their beautiful baby boy in November 2023. Since then, they’ve been home a bit more, enjoying the newest member of their family. Soon enough, though, they’ll be hitting the trails and requesting a table for 3! 

We are happy to spotlight Diego as our newest addition at Burrell Consulting Group, Inc. His experience, proven skill, and passion for surveying make him the perfect candidate for the job! We look forward to a successful future with Diego on board. Thanks for joining us for this Burrell Staff Spotlight! 

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