Burrell Staff Spotlight: Celebrating 20 Years with Jessie Wilden

In this Burrell Staff Spotlight, we are excited to announce that Jessie has officially made Burrell history by being the longest-serving employee! Throughout the past two decades, Jessie has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication, professionalism, and a passion for surveying. His remarkable contributions have been instrumental in shaping our company’s success and growth. 

It is not very often you get to celebrate an employee’s hard work and dedication to one company for TWENTY YEARS!

Congratulations Jessie on this momentous milestone!

For this Burrell Staff Spotlight, we decided to sit down with Jessie and ask him 12 questions about himself, his journey, and his career here.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I like to hunt, fish, and spend time with family.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

I would say My Dad and Grandfathers because they all have strong work ethic and are truly the kindest, hard-working men I have ever met.

What would be your dream job?

Surveying of course!

What is the most important lesson that you have learned from working with the team?

“What you give, you’ll get back”

If you could pick any superpower, what would it be and why?

Oh, that is easy – I would live forever, so I could always be there for my family. 

What initially attracted you to join our company, and what has kept you here for 20 years? 

A good friend of mine referred me, and the company’s loyalty is what has kept me. 

How has your role evolved over the past two decades, and what have been some of the most significant changes you have witnessed within the company? 

I started at Burrell as a Rodman, worked my way to a Party Chief, and now I am the Field Crew Manager. I have been with Burrell through the toughest and the best of times, and we always have come back stronger. 

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories to share? 

I have SO many funny stories that I could share, but we would be here all year. 

What advice would you give to someone starting their career with our organization based on your own experiences? 

If you give 100%, you will succeed.

What is your favorite memory to date working here?

Surveying the Sky Rose Ranch with our old colleague Roy it was hard work, with beautiful views. It truly was such a good time. 

What are some of the core values or principles that you believe have contributed to your longevity with the company? 

My confidence in Burrell has contributed to my longevity. 

Lastly, what are your hopes and aspirations for both yourself and the company as you move forward together?

I want to help the company grow and see it continue to grow with my colleagues. 

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