SMUD Renews Agreement with Burrell

Burrell Consulting Group, Inc. is thrilled to announce that the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has renewed its agreement with Burrell for another two years. We have provided such accurate and reliable Legal Descriptions that SMUD has increased our rates and doubled our contract limits. 

The team at Burrell looks forward to building upon our already strong relationship with SMUD. This relationship gives our experienced personnel the opportunity to provide innovative solutions to advance SMUD’s goals and objectives. We appreciate SMUD’s confidence and trust in Burrell Consulting Group, Inc. to do the job right. We know that SMUD’s renewed agreement with Burrell will continue to generate excellent results.

At Burrell, we take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional service to our clients. We consistently provide the highest level of customer service, and we strive to exceed our client’s expectations in everything we do.

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