Grids and Gradients. Episode 2 – The Heart of Burrell’s Success

If you thought land development was just about blueprints and site plans, think again. The latest episode of the “Grids and Gradients” podcast dives deep into the core of Burrell Consulting Group—our culture. Join Jerry as he discusses how the unique challenges of legal zoning and specific educational needs turn school site planning into a game of strategy and precision, making it a distinct endeavor in the land development landscape

In the episode.

In this episode, not only will you hear about the technical aspects of our projects, but you’ll also get a firsthand look at the importance of a strong, positive company culture in navigating these complexities. Jerry shares how maintaining a focused and supportive environment has been crucial in fostering a team that’s ready to tackle any challenge, ensuring that every project isn’t just completed but excelled at.

Don’t miss.

Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion that highlights why Burrell stands as an industry leader, trusted for our expertise and our approach to both business and community. Tune into this revealing episode to see how we pave the way for future educational environments through skilled school site planning and a commitment to excellence. 

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