Burrell Staff Spotlight: Maksim Zhur and his Engineering Career on the Rise

We are thrilled to announce that one of our employees, Maksim Zhur, has recently passed the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam, also known as the Engineer in Training (EIT) exam. Passing the EIT exam is a significant achievement and a major milestone for any aspiring engineer looking to start their engineering career.

Maksim has been an integral part of our team at Burrell Consulting Group, Inc. for the past seven months contributing his skills and knowledge to various projects. He has consistently demonstrated a passion for engineering and a commitment to excellence, which has earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and supervisors.

By passing the EIT exam, Maksim has proven his technical competency in the fundamentals of engineering, including mathematics, physics, and ethics. This achievement also signifies his dedication to the profession and shows his willingness to take on new challenges and responsibilities.

We are proud to have Maksim as part of our team and look forward to seeing him continue to grow and develop as an engineer.

Congratulations again to Maksim on passing the EIT exam!

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