Grids and Gradients. Episode 3 — Global Changes in the Engineering Field & Burrell’s Response

Ever wondered how industries pivot and adapt in response to global changes like COVID-19 or significant demographic shifts like the retirement of baby boomers? Our latest episode of the “Grids and Gradients” podcast dives into just that—with a special focus on the civil engineering and land development sectors.

In the episode.

This episode explores remote work’s impact on communication, project management, employee culture, and operational tasks. It addresses the complexities of these changes, covering both immediate challenges and innovative solutions. Over a glass of single-malt Oban scotch, Jerry discusses industry shifts and global changes, offering insights into post-COVID civil engineering.

Don’t miss out.

Listen on Spotify to hear how Burrell navigates these waters, proving our resilience and leadership in the face of global challenges. This is more than just a discussion—it’s an essential guide for understanding the future trajectories of land development and civil engineering.

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