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Insurance - Medical, dental, and vision insurance policies are available at Burrell Consulting Group, Inc. for you and your family.

Vacation Time - At Burrell Consulting we believe that time off with family and just getting away from the office to recharge the batteries is a valuable benefit that should be fully utilized by each and every employee. Your length of annual vacation time varies and is based upon years of services as show below:

Years of Employment Year (In Days)
Less than five (5) 10
Five (5) but less than ten (10) 15
More than ten (10) 20

Sick Time - At Burrell, we recognize that there will be times when one does become ill. Paid time off will be 6 days per year.

Holidays - Following are holidays which Burrell Consulting Group, Inc. recognizes as paid holidays: New Years Day, Christmas Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and The Friday following Thanksgiving Day.

Retirement Plan - We believe that long-term financial security is important to the long-term happiness of each and every employee. Therefore, we at Burrell Consulting proudly offer a retirement plan with matching in which you can defer a portion of your compensation, tax free, until you retire. It allows you a retirement investment vehicle in which to invest in various types of financial investments including bonds, stocks, mutual funds, futures, commodities, etc.

Annual Bonus Plan - We reward our employees with annual bonuses at the end of the fiscal year, Rewards are dependent on the current economic status of the firm.

Learning Lunches - Monthly Learning Lunches, Burrell holds monthly training sessions over a catered lunch so that everyone in the entire company can sit down together and learn about the various aspects of our practice, from the newest CAD techniques, Global Positioning Systems, to how engineering designs are implemented in the field as taught by experts in the industry.

Continued Education - Reimbursement for tuition of any approved classes

Company Events - We encourage company events such as the annual Christmas Party, Golf tournaments (also known as the annual "Hackfest"), barbeques, skiing trips, and rafting trips.


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